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About Us

My name is Andrea Grimes I have always done a little bit of this and a little bit of that, trying new and exciting business adventures. After doing vendor events and craft fairs every weekend forever, I have finally burned myself out so now I have decided to try the online version. I could not decide what items to sell online so finally I just told myself "if I like it I will sell it" so this site is a combination of several things an will grow into more as time goes on. Then I needed a name something that wasn't specific to one item so I thought when you see someone with cute jewelry or an accessory... what do you say "oh my goodness that is so cute.  

My first launch I started with my Plexus bracelets, plexus necklaces and other plexus jewelry they were already selling great on facebook now I will be adding my crossfit and fitness items and then my cat goodies.